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Why Now?

Have you picked up on the unprecedented clamor all over the Internet about what is going to happen in September 2015? A lot of people are really worried about this. Here is a list of some of the things some people are freaking out about:

September 12 – Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour opens in the United States. The “opening theme is Desecration of The Bride and Arrival of Fallen Angels” – Could this be a satanist invocation?

September 12 and September 13 – Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, a leading authority in Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, says the Messiah could come at this time. People are worried that this “Messiah” may be the “antichrist.”

September 13 – Partial solar eclipse – Some people consider this ominous.

September 15 – The 70th session of the UN General Assembly begins. According to news reports, France plans to introduce a resolution which will give formal UN Security Council recognition to a Palestinian state. The U.S. has always blocked resolutions like these. However, that might not be what happens this time. If a Palestinian state is officially recognized by the world, this could have repercussions of biblical proportions.

September 17 – There is talk of a rate hike by the Fed in September, if so it could happen now. Some people are worried about the economic repercussions of such a move.

September 17 – This is the deadline for Congress to vote on Obama’s deal with Iran.

September 18 – The Days of Awe conference in Sandpoint, Idaho – Christians in America will be gathering to call out to God in prayer and to repent for the sins of our country. Prayer is generally good, off course, but people worry that years of such events have not stayed the slide toward paganism in America.

September 20 to September 26 – The “World Week For Peace in Palestine Israel” sponsored by the World Council of Churches seems to be timed to support a move in the UN toward recognizing a Palestinian state.

September 21 – The UN International Day Of Peace – Peace is great, of course, but we certainly seem to be hearing a lot from the UN this month.

September 22 – In Islam, “the Day of Arafat” falls on this day. This could stir up violence in some circles.

September 23 – Pope Francis arrives at the White House to meet with Barack Obama. This scares a lot of people.

September 23 – Some folks get very freaked out about numbers. For example, they say the 266th Pope will be meeting with the president of the United States on the 266th day of the year. According to them, that means that “something is being birthed” on that day. Why? 266 days is the average length of the human gestation period.

September 24 – The Pope addresses a joint session of the U.S. Congress. This will likely be a primer to get America in step with the United Nations agenda.

September 25 – On May 14th, 2014 French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said we had only 500 days to avoid “climate chaos”. 500 days ends on September 25th.

September 25 – The Pope will hold mass in Madison Square Garden in New York City.

September 25 to September 27 – The United Nations will introduce a brand new “universal agenda” for humanity known as “the 2030 Agenda” – Trust me, this is something to take note of.

September 25 – The Pope appears at the UN to deliver an address to kick off the conference at which the 2030 Agenda will be unveiled. That rings some bells from Revelation 13.

September 26 and 27 – The Pope will be traveling to Philadelphia for the “2015 World Meeting of Families” A Pope supporting the LGBT, pro-abortion, United Nations while also promoting “families”? What is going on?

September 28 – The likely first day of the Feast of Tabernacles

September 28 – The last of the Tetrad blood moons will appear. This blood moon will be a “supermoon.” It will be visible in Jerusalem.

Other Concerns – Some are predicting another major global financial crisis precipitated by a stock market crash. There are also speculations about activity involving the Large Hadron Collider during September. Some say an asteroid or a meteor may strike in September …and the list goes on.

Clearly, not all of these items are cause for concern. However, there will be a convergence of paradigm shifting events unfolding. Further, some of these events DO involve the unfolding of Bible prophecy. Our Tsiyon members will not be surprised by this, since Tsiyon has been pointing to 2015 as a major turning point for the last decade or so.

This timing is why we are planning a live seminar you can attend Online this September. We are calling this seminar “Beasts of Daniel Surfacing.” I believe this live study of the beasts of Daniel as they pertain to these times will help you understand where we are in the stream of time, and what is going on right now.

Did I mention there is no charge to view this seminar? That’s right. However, bandwidth is limited, so please sign up right away. We don’t want you to miss this!

Also, please share this video link and seminar opportunity with relatives, friends and neighbors. All they need to do is visit our website at to get signed up free for this seminar.

We expected big changes this Shmita year, and now we are getting them. Our live “Beasts of Daniel Surfacing Seminar” will help you to put all these changes into perspective, to be prepared for the days ahead. We look forward to having you be with us for this upcoming live Tsiyon event.

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