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1-UN World Government

At the RIO Earth Summit in 1992 the UN adopted a plan called Agenda 21 to pave the way toward global government. In the years from 1992-2015 that plan has radically altered the world – even your local community – in ways most people are totally unaware of. Watch this video to see the progress that the UN has been made toward a Global World Government, and many of the puzzles of our age will be quickly solved to reveal what has really been going on.


2-YHWH Rules

Here we are introduced to Daniel, the writer of the Bible Book of the same name. We learn important details about the man, and about the authenticity of his work. This is important because Daniel accurately forecasts history in advance, from the time of the Babylonian Empire, through the succeeding kingdoms of Persia, Greece, Rome – all the way down to our day and beyond. Furthermore, the degree of detail, all given hundreds and even thousands of years in advance, is stunning, allowing for only one explanation: the prophecies Daniel wrote down were indeed from the Creator! As we delve into the prophecies we learn what the end of all history will be. Watch this! You won’t be disappointed.


3-Two Mountains in Scripture

The language of prophecy is the language of signs and symbols. As such, mountains are a recurring symbol of deep spiritual meaning in Scripture, and more especially, in the Book of Daniel. Here we look more deeply into the symbolism of mountains to find that there are two opposing principles typified in mountains in Scripture – two mountains if you will. Our investigation will take us from the beginning of time all the way into the near future, and mysteries will be revealed that lay an important foundation to the rest of this series.


4-The Next 15 Years

The next 15 years are all planned out for you in a document available at the United Nations website. This document is under the official UN label of “The 2030 Agenda.” All the nations of the world have signed on to this plan. A plan to take us from where we are now to a full blown global government. To get from here to there will involve massive social, economic and political changes that will effect every person – including you. This is why we examine Agenda 2030, to learn the specifics of what is really going on, and to consider how it is already changing the world. Specifically how it actually fulfills Bible prophecy, and how it is the Beast of Daniel surfacing. Understand Daniel with a new clarity that will help you to find your way through the days ahead.


5-Beasts of Daniel Seven

In Daniel 7 we consider four beasts of Daniel. These are four world powers of history that have risen and fallen in succession. This history written in advance tracks perfectly with what we know of these world powers – which is amazing, given that Daniel lived centuries before most of them came to power. This unfailing accuracy is a Divine stamp authenticating the prophecies of this chapter about the world government that is soon to arise in our world, and even more particularly, the “antichrist” who will come to power over that world government, and through that, over the whole world itself. This is an amazing portion of Scripture informing us what will be unfolding in our world in a few short years ahead.


6-Elite Families

The whole world is literally owned by a relative few families. That’s not conspiracy theory, that’s a well-documented fact. For example, the Queen of England owns land valued at $33,000,000,000,000 (Thirty-three trillion USD). The implications of so much wealth in the hands of one family is huge. The Rothschild family is another example. Through their global banking enterprises they have been able to bend whole countries to their will. Even more interesting, in this session we consider how these two families are intertwined, their effect on Israel and the world, and how all of this could play out in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.


7 Astonishing Rebellion

The revelation of Daniel 7 is expanded with another vision in Daniel 8. What Daniel saw in this vision was so disturbing to Daniel that he was literally sick and dumbfounded, and he was unable to work for the king for days. Daniel says he was “astonished” by the vision. Furthermore, he was not able to get closure on the meaning of the vision because it was “sealed up” until “the time of the end.” We are now living during the time of the end, and in this presentation the meaning of this vision is “unsealed” to reveal amazing secrets soon to take place. This is a case of knowing the future in advance so that the wise can prepare themselves for events so monumental they will overturn the entire world.


8-The Midnight Cry

I know. It’s always tempting to go right to the end first. If you do that here you will miss a lot. This final presentation builds on the rest of the seminar, then brings in new information that pulls everything together. Here you will learn the full significance of this seminar, giving you vital information to create your action plan to deal with all that is soon to come upon the earth. Don’t just let the future come upon you suddenly. Leverage the amazing knowledge that comes to us from the Book of Daniel and its Heavenly Author to survive and thrive through the most challenging time ever that is falling upon humanity.

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