BattleCry 2018 Live Tonight!

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Get up to speed on the battle.   ..more

Announcing Month 7

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Happy DAY OF SHOUTING! Today is Yom Teruah! This special appointment is also known as the Day Nobody Knows or the Feast of Trumpets. Today, Sept 11, 2018, in Jerusalem, Israel, witnesses observed the first sliver of Month 7. Month 7 begins this evening at sunset. Tsiyon Road radio broadcasts in…

Yeshua Ministered on the Sabbath

Yeshua kept the Sabbath  …more

Messiah Tempted by the devil

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The devil is after you too!   ..more

He’s the Man!

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We need the right savior!   ..more

Baby Messiah According to Torah

This is definitely NOT the Christmas Story! more

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