Messiah Tempted by the devil

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When Y’shua took up His ministry the first order of business was to deal with the attacks of the devil. The devil is after you too!   ..more

He’s the Man!

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We need the right savior! The Savior has already come, having been sent and chosen from above. His name is Yeshua Messiah   ..more

Baby Messiah According to Torah

Messiah according to Torah. This is definitely NOT the Christmas Story! more

Horn of Salvation

A Horn of Salvation in the House of David. The world can’t save itself.  ..more

The Narrative of Luke

Some really good news through the narrative of Luke!  ..more

Science from Séance – New

Shalom! Emily here. 🙂 As of last Thursday, Tsiyon Road Radio has launched Season 2 in the series Darwinian Evolution Junk Science! This new season is called Occult Evolution and for the first episode, we’ve released the video Science from Séance. You’ll find some game-changing scientist in history have dabbled in mysticism, spiritualism,…

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