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Science from Séance – New

Shalom! Emily here. 🙂 As of last Thursday, Tsiyon Road Radio has launched Season 2 in the series Darwinian Evolution Junk Science! This new season is called Occult Evolution and for the first episode, we’ve released the video Science from Séance. You’ll find some game-changing scientist in history have dabbled in mysticism, spiritualism,…

Origin of the Specious

Shalom! It’s Emily here 🙂 Sorry I’m a bit late to announce the news, but our Tsiyon Road Radio YouTube Channel has just recently uploaded the newest video in the series Darwinian Evolution Junk Science. The video is called Origin of the Specious – a little pun, if you will. Specious is defined…

Science as Religion

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Shalom listeners, Emily here 🙂 The next video from Darwinian Evolution Junk Science is now up! It’s called Science as Religion. I love this video for how empowering it is. Scientist try to convince you that you don’t have a say, that you’re not educated like they are therefore you have no right…

Darwinian Evolution Junk Science, New Series!

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Shalom everyone! 🙂 A brand new video from Eliyahu has just been posted on the Tsiyon Road Radio YouTube channel! This short introduction is just part of a larger series all about the origins of Darwinian evolution. While Darwin is celebrated in science all around the world, even having an…

Renalee and The Fragrance of Heaven Now Airing!

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Blessings remnant people! Emily here. 🙂 I’m excited to tell you all that Tsiyon Road Radio has recently started airing a brand new artist! Her name is Renalee. She has been a believer in Messiah for over 40 years and doing full time ministry for more than two decades. She…

The Transfiguration

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Only He can save the world! ..more

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