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Darwinian Evolution Junk Science, New Series!

On May 31, 2018, Posted by , In Emily, With No Comments

Shalom everyone! 🙂

A brand new video from Eliyahu has just been posted on the Tsiyon Road Radio YouTube channel! This short introduction is just part of a larger series all about the origins of Darwinian evolution.

While Darwin is celebrated in science all around the world, even having an award named after him, the horrifying truth about his theory of evolution probably won’t shock most of our regular listeners. This isn’t the usual evolution vs creationist debate, nor does it argue science. Instead, these videos will focus on the heart behind evolution, how it affects us today and how elitist use it to push agendas forward on the population.

Make sure you subscribe and turn notifications on so you’ll be emailed every week when a new video is uploaded! Here is the link to the first video: Darwinian Evolution Junk Science (#1)

Blessings in Messiah!

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