Kosmokratoras Rule the 70 Nations #277


When the Most High divided the nations, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of
the nations according to the number of the
angels of God.

Deu 32:8 LXX Brenton

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    12 thoughts on “Kosmokratoras Rule the 70 Nations #277

    1. Thank for this program.

      I am with U, E. > I want to be on YHWH’s side and I don’t want to associate with a nation or be a part of a society that doesn’t include YHWH and or wants nothing to do with Him. YHWH has to be the leader of choice. He has to be involved and Yeshua is our King and the rightful ruler. He is worthy. Things have to be done YHWH’s way.

      I want to be a part of YHWH’s Kingdom. Praise YHWH that He has revealed Truth to me through Tsiyon radio. I have ears that desires the Truth and a heart of desire to walk in obedience to that Truth.

      As a child growing up and present day, I was/am sad when bad things happen in the world or hearing about our history, but in my heart, I always knew that it wasn’t/isn’t YHWH’s fault. I always knew there was a good reason for it all and that YHWH’s allows it to happen for a good reason.

      I didn’t come become a believer in Yeshua until after I had turned 20. But before I came to believe in Yeshua, I still had faith to want to have a everlasting relationship with the God of Israel, even though bad things happen. I knew, the God of Israel was a good God and I wanted Him in my life, despite all the evil people & and bad news events/things in this world.

      These programs(series) really answers a lot of questions that many people gripe about. (especially including non believers) Like one of my family members who blamed YHWH or it came across that way in this question> Why did YHWH allow for my mother’s death and the Holocaust? It sounded like this family member was mad at YHWH for allowing this to happen. I don’t blame YHWH.
      I am the only believer in my family that is alive that I know of.

      It is sad that so many people want to follow the wrong path and the wrong leaders in their life. Or how about believers who are zealous for YHWH at one time in their lives but then leave the faith. I sure that hope that doesn’t happen to me.

      I remind myself of my childhood desire for YHWH and my testimony of how I came to put my faith in Yeshua. That is what keeps me going in my faith today & to keep pursuing YHWH.

      I pray that I can be an overcomer and endure to the end of this age in triumph with following YHWH & His ways, all the way & to be counted worthy to be a part of YHWH’s Kingdom and family.

    2. Back in early 80′s A “Superman ll” movie. Superman said to the three super villains…”Don’t do that,,,,They’re….people!”. I tell you the truth, my thoughts were…”Are you kidding? People think about themselves for themselves in anyway they can get what they want, they lie almost all the time, they do not care all the time and they do, watch out! For they may just be glorifying themselves!” Then I felt guilty. Maybe people are good. How could I be thinking that way. Analyzing it, since being in Accounting/Audit and all for a mid-sized company, I get frustrated that so much lies you have to go through until you get to the truth. Then when I became a loan officer, out of hundreds of loans, I say only 3 that I can remember, and they are easy to remember, that were truly good people. An African-American husband and wife who took a 2nd TD loan. They were not only truthful but very nice. A Caucasian couple that became our best friends till now and helped us through our tough times till now. A Filipino couple that I never met but we completed the business through e-mailing and faxing. These 3 out of 100s. Now mind you, my own family at times would play mind games also, and they know I never look down on people based on wealth or looks.

      In other words, folks, I support Eliyahu and Dawn about people are basically evil! When he said it, and said it again,,,, I remember that Superman movie and felt guilty, but after analyzing it, I believe I was right.

      Not to be prejudice on anyone you meet for we are not God to see their hearts before they say or do something evil. The three couples I mentioned are a fraction of so many. The Narrow way not the broad-way is the way.

      May God bless us all through His Son our Lord Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit!

      Mike-Santos T Holliday

      The sooner our Lord Jesus comes back, the better. If my wife and I die this second, the better. For we are looking forward to be with the Lord. Yes I do hate the world’s standard set by man. We do love the creations of Yahweh and praise Him and His Son our Lord Jesus and with the power of the Holy Spirit.

    3. 70 sons of Yah ruling 70 nations and all of them heading toward destruction except #1

      One nation set apart and called Israel the Children of the Most High. Not even the United States is immune from such destruction because no matter how christians claim this to be a nation under god as printed on their money, that is NOT TRUE.

      America was so-called founded and occupied by other people from other nations who over time have brought their gods and their form of worship into this country as they stole and murdered the Indians who lived here first.

      One nation under god? No, its many nations under many gods and its a melting pot preparing itself for a One World Government just waiting and willing to kill the Children of Yah when the time becomes ripe.

      I never really got into the patriotic garbage taught to us in school, never felt I owed my “duty” to “this” country. I pledge my allegiance to no country or flag but to my Saviour, and His Nation.

      Its not about being an american or even a christian its about knowing WHO YOU TRULY ARE, ISRAEL! THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF YAH!

      You must keep in mind that according to Yahs Word every nation will turn against Israel and we are already heading in that direction with the rulers of darkness controlling the human rulers as they seek their power.

      We need the Children of Yah to come to the knowledge of Truth, to Prepare, to Arm themselves with that
      Truth, and to Stand.

      Its time to stop tucking your tails Men and become Strong in your stance like the great men of old, NOAH, ABRAHAM, ISAAC, JACOB, MOSES, and last but definitely not least YAHSHUA.

      We need to encourage our teacher Eliyahu and His wife as we post to help keep their spirits above the high plain because for sure satan and his demons attack from every side and on every occasion.

      If you don’t like what’s being taught then this camp is closed to you because we don’t need your disruptions go back to “church” from which you came and let Yah deal with you according to His Righteous Judgement.

      That’s right, I said it! It had to be said because there are only 144000 Bondservants in the numbering of the whole world and we’re not here to play we’re here doing a mission that’s only meant for our generation and if your not of us, go bye bye, go back to Babylon the great whore and lie with her kind.

      We are a Nation built upon the foundation of a Mighty King. Our reading of Scripture confirms that Truth as we see the defeat of our enemies and is a witness unto us which is a testament for us to help strengthen our spirits as we stand, so Stand!

      We are not of this world but we will inherit it and take it back from the destroyer. This is who we are!

      I read the post above me and it seems that many want to throw in the towel by giving up unto death. To me, and this is my opinion, that that kind of thinking is deeply implanted within Yahs people that once was in Babylon. christians have learned to say that a lot but we’re not christians we’re Israel, we’re different, we’re Mighty warriors of YAHWEH, so pick up your Bible and read an example of the Victory that your brothers had and get your mind strengthened to carry on, my friend.

      I would not want to be in the fox hole with someone ready to die, would you? So please everyone before you give up and take the easy way out know that death is NOT an option because it lessons the number of warriors and gives the enemy an advantage, not that numbers matter to YAHWEH keep in mind.

      Lets read each others posts and encourage one another and correct each other (and willing to receive correction) when needed, this is one way to defeat that ol serpent and to stay strong.

      Eliyahu and Dawn I want to thank YAHWEH on your behalf for this weeks teaching cause I feel like you do, I hate this world more and more as I learn of the corruption, oooooh the evilness of it all.

      I love this country, but I hate this nation. There is a difference. Yah has created a beautiful country but satan has corrupted it through evil rulers who get their power from the sons of Yah and that’s an evil nation. I hate hate hate this nation on which it stands or should I say, on which it falls.

      Your doing a fantastically fine job and your work will NOT be in vain because no work such as when called by YAHWEH to do it goes without reward and one of your rewards is knowing that hearts are turning back to the old path.

      Keep pushing forward and teach what YAHWEH directs not what man wants to here because he gets board by a certain teaching and you will continue being filled with His Holy Spirit to do so.

      May you receive a hundred fold the reward mentioned above for your obedience to the leading of Almighty YAHWEHS voice in
      The Gathering, while on the road to Tsiyon.

      Shalom everyone. Shalom

    4. The Sword of truth cuts and divides. As with John the Babtist his message was not always popular, but it was truth. As with Noah his actions and words where not always understood but they where truth.

      The time grows short, the harvest is ripe. The reapers come. The watchman watch.

      Blessed is he who overcomes.

    5. Once again, an amazing and informative program. This explains the 70 nations; and these “rebellious angelic” creatures that were given rule over those nations that rebelled against Yahweh.

      The danger of a complacent lifestyle is brought to the forefront for those who are willing to be corrected. Insidious are the ways of the people who reject Yah and His kingdom. A verse that I often say is, “I’d rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my Yah, then to dwell in the tents of the wicked.” Our flesh nature revels in those things that are not of His kingdom. We all must learn to subdue the flesh nature by the power of the Ruach Hakodesh.

      I long for the day when we will see things more clearly. I pray for the strength to battle against the enemies of the kingdom/nation of Yah; not only for myself, but for all those who sincerely call upon His Name. That I would have the strength in my old age, to be willing to fight against the mind numbing influence of these wicked rulers.

      I truly believe that Yah is raising up young men and women who will pick up the shield and buckler and continue this battle until the day of the return of Yahshua, our Moschiach. In every generation, Yah has set aside a people who call upon Him. To His glory, honor, power and praise!

      Thank you for your hard work and devotion to getting the message out. Blessings and Shalom.

    6. GREETINGS TRIBESMEN!!!! I told my brother this week, after listening to this series of “the mystery of lawlessness” and how evil the world has alwayys been, the more diggin Eliyahu does about the enemy, I said, how stinkin deep does this rabbit hole go? Just when you think it cant get any worse, IT DOES!!! I hate the world system more and more, and I cant wait to get back in the land where I belong, and get outa this country, that hates Yahweh and His people. If you are remnant folk, you KNOW that you dont belong in whatever country you live in. My allegience is to Yahweh, Israel, and my family. Dont preach to me about this country. Im only here because we were part of the scattering of Israel. My father always taught us to be faithful to Yahweh, and Israel. What my father saw in the Military was despicable. Well guess what, we are going to finally get to the promised land, so we can worship Yahweh the way He intended us to. Imagine no more easter or christmas. Halleluyah!!!! NO MORE PAGAN HOLIDAYS!!! JUST ONE HAPPY FAMILY WITH THE SAME LIKE MINDS!!! Shalom

    7. I have been hinging on every episode in this series. It really is good to know who exactly our enemy is and what their authority is and what our authority is. The “powers of the air” have always been an enigma and I have often wondered about their ‘place’ in this physical world and in the heavenly realm. I have so much clearer direction now. We overcome these powers by obedience to Yahweh. Yeshua overcame by obedience to the Father…even unto death. When Eliyahu made that point about the fact that Yeshua obeyed whereas the rebellious angels failed to obey, I was blown away by it’s profound simplicity. People love to shout out in charismatic churches about their authority over the enemy and the devil being under our feet (which is all true) but most of them aren’t even trying to live a life of obedience…not even the Sabbath which is one of the big “Ten”. There’s the old hymnal song “trust and obey for there’s no other way” and boy is that phrase so true. I want my lot to be cast with the crowd that obeys.

    8. A “United Nations”, straight from the past,
      who would have thought , the council of nations would last!
      The Kosmokratoras, lead to rebel,
      ready to send people, straight to well…
      World rulers whose agendas are set,
      diminish the human numbers, with no regret!
      To achieve their goal, they gather together,
      a world gov’t, to plan on whether,
      this country succeeds, or that man fails,
      reject Yahweh, work out the details!
      History repeats, so we have been told,
      they want you to think, unity is gold!
      When, what they are after, is resident evil,
      the work of the demons, sponsored by Devil!
      Have strength in the brethren, don’t lose focus,
      gather your thoughts, defend Yahweh, with boldness!
      Belief in Messiah, must bring about change,
      more than, turning from sin, sounds kind of strange,
      but listening to Him, to keep you from sin,
      the sound in your heart, where the spirit has been!
      This is what, we must recognize, as direction from Him!
      Know in your heart, more than a feel,
      know that the presence of Yeshua is real!

    9. It is a tough battle, being a spiritual one, it’s battling unseen beings/spirits, giants to us, but, with YHWH of Hosts going before us, and with us, the battle has been won already, as in the first Exodus. Believe it!
      We’re not only battling against evil, rebellious spiritual beings in high places, we’re battling our own fallen natures as well.
      YHWH’s Kingdom calls for righteousness, which most of us fall short-Seek first HIS Kingdom AND His righteousness…All unrighteousness is transgression/sin (1 John 5:17)…, the unrighteous shall NOT inherit the Kingdom ( 1Cor 6:9)….Yahshua, the right Arm of YHWH, put on righteousness as a breastplate (Isa 59:17)…
      simply means being upright, and staying on HIS path/instructions of light, as YHWH is upright, we ought to be upright, humble, giving respect and honor in all our ways in HIS Household.
      Any darkness in us will become a foothold to the powers of darkness.
      Vital need to be alert and watchful over our corrupted nature, doing HIs will and not ours in every situation.
      ABBA, Your will be done in our lives! We submit to Your reign and authority as Your are our KING and Redemeer! Amein!
      Insightful teachings!
      Shalom and blessings.

    10. Reading the supplementary/s for partners, I have witnessed and was involved in such deliverances in Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship meetings in the ‘good old days’, and such activities continue in some assemblies, the problem is that the emphasis is not placed on obedience to YHWH’s Word and path, nor on turning back to YHWH, and forsaking transgressions against HIM.
      Such assemblies has been termed as unclean as the focus is on men’s ministries, and not the Ruach’s. Excercising discernment through being rooted in the Word, is so vital.
      There’s healing and cleansing in YHWH’s Word, if we will diligently seek to walk and live in HIM.
      Folks being delivered from demonic oppression lose it when they return to their rebellious ways, and then going for such deliverance/s again and again, looking to men rather than YHWH. It bothered me; and it’s surely very grievous to ABBA.

    11. WOW!!! Since listening to this again since the latest teaching… WOW!!! It all ties in wonderfully. I’m FOR YHWH, just like you, let this world have a good washing clean. Thanks for telling truths that are interesting/faith affirming and completely new and fresh to me!

    12. Very interesting look at the subject of the kosmokratoras. Interesting how the Septuagint ties in with the Dead Sea Scrolls with its usage of “the sons of God”, Bnei Elohim, in Deut. 32:8 instead of “the sons of Israel” as the Masoretic text uses. That ties in very nicely with the references to the sons of God in Genesis 6 and Job 1:6. This tie-in explains very much. Also the elucidation from the Book of Jasper about whom Yahweh is speaking to, when He says, “Let us go down”, in the Tower of Bable incident and indeed the meaning of “babel” in Sumerian as opposed to the meaning in Hebrew throws very much light upon what happened so long ago.

      This whole series has been very informative and enlightening – and at the same time so saddening … how could anyone turn away from Yahweh, the Creator and Sustainer … Yes, as Eliyahu said – we are evil. Praise be to God for His mercies to us … I know that I do not deserve even one iota of mercy. Thank you, Adonai Eloheinu, for your mercy!

      Very interesting comments here, too. I don’t know if I belong to physical Israel – I doubt it, actually; nonetheless, I’ve never felt “at home” here, and, as time passes, I am increasing alien here. I do rejoice at being in that olive tree, Israel, through God’s mercy and very much look forward to that time when the Body will be together and we can live according to God’s Law in unity and love for one another, as Yeshua commanded.

      Prase be to God.

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