Starting May 3rd: Delving into Leviticus with Eliyahu ben David

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Starting May 3rd: Delving into Leviticus with Eliyahu ben David

Shalom Friends! If you’ve been a Messianic believer for a while then you probably know how important the Torah is to living a life set apart to YHWH. Recently, we aired Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash #070 entitled “Glory!” which is the last program in the Midrash’s Exodus series. That means that this next Sabbath, starting May 3rd, we’ll begin airing the Leviticus Midrashes. The first program “Heart of the Torah” airs this week and includes vital information about the book of Leviticus.

Rehashing Exodus

It’s been a long journey from the first chapter of exodus to the last and on that road we learned and saw many things some of which include:

  • The growth of Moses into a Holy, Mighty man of YHWH
  • The Exodus from Egypt
  • How the 10 plagues tore down the Egyptian pagan gods/rituals
  • The never-ending love YHWH had for His people
  • The completely Just and righteous nature of YHWH
  • How YHWH gave us the Torah so He could dwell with His people
the pillar of fire over the camp of Israel

Last week’s Midrash “#70 – Glory” discussed the Glory of YHWH in the midst of His people.

Quick Tip: Midrash #70 “Glory!” will be airing for the last time this Sabbath. If you’d like to relisten to any of the exodus programs at any time, you can do that by signing up as a partner on our membership site Tsiyon Tabernacle. You can also just sign up as a free member, and get access to one free download every 7 days, our newsletter, and other free stuff like the Daniel Prophecy Seminar. If after learning what we’re about, you want to get more involved in the mission you can check out the membership options page here.


Delving in to Leviticus

Starting on May 3rd, We’ll begin airing programs from the Leviticus Midrash series each Sabbath starting with #71 “The heart of the Torah.” Leviticus sits right in the heart of the Torah and teaches many vital lessons having to do with being set-apart to YHWH as His holy people.  Keep an eye out on the schedule for when it’ll begin play! In the meantime, you may want to download a copy of Leviticus to follow along when the program plays. This first program jumps right in, so be sure not to miss it! Join Eliyahu and his guests as they delve into the book of Leviticus this Sabbath on Tsiyon Road Radio!

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