Tsiyon RoadOur unique message speaks for itself. The best way to consider the message is by listening to our programs, so we won’t be attempting to describe our message here. What we do want to talk about here is how we are getting the message to you – our media, if you will. It has been said that “the media is the message” -we intend for that to be true at Tsiyon Road, at least in part. defines media as “the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely.” They also offer this usage note: “The singular, medium, early developed the meaning “an intervening agency, means, or instrument” and was first applied to newspapers two centuries ago.”

Media, then, are the means used to communicate a message. Tsiyon uses our Tsiyon radio programs, our books, newsletters and websites as media through which we convey our message.

Now we have added Tsiyon Road, our new 24/7/365 radio station, to that media list ..AND have changed our website and other features accordingly.


Here is the reason: The advancement of the Mission now requires us to move beyond simply sharing our message with you as we have in the past. Now you must experience the message with us!

Our goal with Tsiyon Road is to provide you with an environment that you can enter into with us, and with one another, in which you can experience what we are experiencing, so that we can all move forward together in unity toward the completion of the Mission – going home in the Second Exodus together.

We hope you will find Tsiyon Road entertaining, thought-provoking and encouraging. But really, our plans for Tsiyon Road are much higher and more purposeful than simply providing entertainment or even mere Scripture teaching. Dare I say it? We are planning for Tsiyon Road to be the medium by which we can enter into an experience of the Kingdom of Messiah together, as His people!

For that to happen we need you to be patient with us while we are getting this up and running well.

Here is the Plan:

Start-up Phase – Creating and managing a radio station is all new to us. We are starting out as simple as possible until we are sure we have worked out all the bugs and have a handle on all technical aspects of keeping our new station on the air. During this phase we look to you to support us by listening to the station, praying for us, and giving us feedback that will help us work toward the next phase as quickly as possible. In this phase we do not expect our station to achieve everything we hope that it eventually will. We would ask you to have realistic expectations for this phase. Don’t get me wrong: We think it will be good from the beginning, and that you will enjoy it. Just keep in mind that it will keep getting better. Let’s start now, moving down Tsiyon Road together!

Advancement Phase – Once we get past the Start-up Phase we will move into the Advancement Phase. Though challenging, this will be a lot of fun and will last the longest. Here we will be offering an enhanced experience for our listeners, expanding our global listening audience, and will be making significant progress together with you at community and nation-building. As the birth pangs of this age increase in frequency and intensity this communication link will keep taking on greater importance for our entire global community. Here there will be no doubt that we are moving along on Tsiyon Road together!

Realization Phase – In this Realization Phase our Mission will be realized. Being in constant touch via Tsiyon Road will be a must for the remnant. Through Remnant Alerts you will be made aware of threats, contingencies, meeting places and plans as they develop, as we all make our final push together toward the Second Exodus. By this time we will be broadcasting in multiple ways that are not obvious, using means that are not obvious, communicating with you by language that is not obvious – unless you have been moving along Tsiyon Road with us well before we ever get to this Realization Phase. The world is a very dangerous place now, but it will be much worse then. In the Realization Phase Tsiyon Road will be a vital conduit of unity and direction to bring us to that place of safety now being prepared for the remnant.

Be ready for tomorrow – Get on Tsiyon Road today.

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