How Do I Listen To The Midrash?

Want to listen to the Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash (EbDbM) torah study program to prepare you and the remnant of Israel for the second exodus?  Please tune into Tsiyon Road radio each Sabbath.

Need help to tune in Tsiyon Road radio?  Visit our website for more details.

Need help finding the study materials?  These materials are located here.

Want to know which Sabbath is used and why? You can consult our calendar.  Please note the Hebrew dates posted on calendar begin in Jerusalem at sunset.  We have a number of Scripture-study programs and resource materials which explain about the restored Sabbath.  Please listen to On The Road To Tsiyon program #350, #351, #352 and/or read Holy Time.

How can I find previous EbDbM episodes?  We post the episodes to the website on an ongoing basis.  You can find all of the programs in the category side bar, which looks like this:

By clicking on “EbD bet Midrash in the Categories listing, all of the posts in this category will appear.  These posts are listed in “blog” fashion, which means the most recent program is at the top of the list and the oldest broadcast program is at the bottom of the list.  You can navigate through these posts, as you would any other posts at the website.  Likewise, you can post a comment or question to a program you’ve heard on Tsiyon Road radio.

How can I listen to previous EbDbM episodes?  After the Sabbath broadcast, the programs are available for download from our website. To listen, first find the program or programs you missed.  To find the midrash programs, simply click on the “EbD bet Midrash” category in the side bar, as shown. Next, scroll down the list of programs and locate the one you missed.  Click on the title of the program to view the entire post.  Scroll down until you see the “Add MP3 to Cart” green button and click it. 

Next, the success message pops up letting you know your selection has been added to your cart.  If you’ve finished adding files, you can now click on “Checkout” to complete your donation and receive your download links.  If you would like to add additional downloads links to your donation, continue locating files and adding them to your cart.  NOTE:  Do this step all on one computer at one time. Do not switch browsers or computers during the process or you will have to start over again or your download links may not function properly.

When you have added all of the files to your cart you wish to download, click on the “Checkout” button.  Review your cart to ensure accuracy.  NOTE:  If needed, click on the image below to view the details more clearly. 

If you are logged into the website, your email address and name will pre-fill into the form.  If you are not logged in, that’s okay.  You can fill in the details.  Be sure your email address is correctly entered as you will be emailed the links for your download immediately upon completing your donation.  The links cannot be emailed to you, if your email address is not correctly entered.  Once you have verified all of the information is correct, click on “Complete Your Order.”

This will take you to the PayPal screen, as shown below.  If you have a PayPal account, and would like to use it, to complete this donation enter your PayPal registered Email address in the first box and your PayPal password in the second box.  Then click, “Log In” and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

If you do not have a PayPal account or would not like to use your PayPal account, click “Don’t have a PayPal account?” link, filling in the info to complete your donation as a “guest.”  If you need help with PayPal’s check out, please contact PayPal.

Once your donation is complete, you will be emailed the download links.  Check your email for them.   For security reasons, the download links are unique to your computer and are only valid for a few days.  Please download the files immediately from the same computer you placed your order.  If you have download issues, please contact us.

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