What is a PDF File and How Do I Use it?

The Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash episodes have resources available in PDF format.  A number of On The Road To Tsiyon programs have study supplements and various other resources available in PDF format too.  Some folks have been asking what PDF files are and how to use these files.

There are many different types of devices which can access websites ranging from cell phones, electronic book readers, and laptops, as well as Macintosh and IBM personal computers.  All of these different devices may use different software programs which can cause difficulty for some folks in downloading materials at different website. Thus, PDF files were born.  PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format. The PDF format is intended to be universal across a wide variety of devices, thus enabling sharing of documents.

Many devices which can access the internet already have a built-in PDF Reader. While you may need to locate a PDF reading software especially suited to your personal type of internet device, most folks can use the common format which is Adobe’s PDF Reader for personal computers or for Mac. Firefox web browser also has a PDF reader. There are many PDF reading programs available and you can use your favorite search engine to find one which best suits your needs.

Once you download and install a PDF reader, you can view the document(s) from our website with ease.  If you have recently installed an upgrade to your existing PDF reader, or just installed a PDF reading software for the first time, you can test your installation by clicking on the Ebd bet Midrash “Schedule” link, as shown below. The Torah Reading Schedule is a PDF file and by clicking on it, if everything is installed and working properly on your computer, you should be able to open it and read it.  If you cannot open the file, research the error message you receive at your favorite search engine and you’ll likely find an online article explaining how to solve the issue(s) you are encountering.

May Messiah bless you in your studies!

How to Navigate the Tsiyon Road Website

Starting in 2006, Tsiyon has produced weekly high-quality Bible-study materials. With so many excellent resouces available folks sometimes ask, “How can I find things at this website?”  Here are a number of website features to explore which can help with site navigation:

  • Blog Format. New material is published in “blog format.” Blogs place the newest content at the top of the main page.  When visiting www.tsiyon.org the newest content will be on the first page.
  • Page Navigation. There are page numbers located at the bottom of the page. The first box indicates the page currently being viewed and the total number of pages available. In the illustration below, Page 1 is displayed of 79 total pages. Click on “Last>>” to go directly to the first materials produced.  Clicking on the other boxes, will take you to that numbered page.How to Navigate Tsiyon.org Blog Pages
  • ARCHIVES (month-year drop-down menu). This feature is located in the left-hand side bar, under the Tsiyon Road radio player. It is entitled “ARCHIVES” and includes a drop-down menu. A drop-down menu gives you additional choices, which at first are not visible, once it is clicked. To access the drop-down menu, click on the down arrow next to the “Select Month” box, as shown below.The Tsiyon.org Archieve month-year drop down menu. The drop-down menu choices will appear. You can scroll up or down within the drop-down menu by clicking on the bar on the right-hand side of the drop-down menu. Clicking on any of the dates displayed, will take you to the materials originally produced in that specific month, such as “May, 2012” as shown below.  Month-Year Tsiyon.org Archive
  • CATEGORIES. This feature is also located in the left-hand side bar,  under the Tsiyon Road player.  The “Categories” show each of the main Categories.  Click the “On The Road To Tsiyon” text to see a display of all the On The Road programs.  The arrow next to each category or subcategory also functions as a drop-down menu.  Click on the arrow next to “EbD bet Midrash” and the various midrash subcategories display, as shown below. You can do likewise for all of the other categories and subcategories listed. Using "Categories" to navigate the tsiyon.org website
  • Menu Tabs. An additional method of navigating the website involves using the menu “Tabs” at the top of the page.  Exploring these tabs will provide a wide variety of information including information about the Tsiyon mission, what Messianic means, how to listen to Tsiyon Road radio, the radio station schedule, information about the various programs available and the people who produce them. Click on the “Mail Us” tab to contact us if you need additional help in finding specific resources. Tsiyon.org Menu Tabs

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