Tent of David Reflections #92

Shoshana bet David gives her testimony, in this discussion with Eliyahu ben David, regarding how she supernaturally learned of her family affiliation with the House of David and how that knowledge finally led her to Tsiyon. Shoshana shares her thoughts regarding the connection between the upcoming Tent of David meeting and God’s plans for the remnant of Israel in these days. Questions many have asked about the event are also answered.

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Tsiyon Beginnings #80

You’ve been telling Dawn you want to know more about the origins of Tsiyon (i.e. my testimony) and in this program she get’s me to spill the beans! Can you believe it, she actually starts with my childhood! At my age I almost forgot I ever had a childhood, until she asked me the question. From there she draws out the story of my life leading up to and including my own personal “burning bush” encounter with YHWH that has shaped the direction of my life for the last quarter century. This program includes some uncomfortably personal stuff that will not only give you insight into what makes Eliyahu ben David tick, but more importantly (and the reason I was willing to get into this), you will get a look at the world around us and even into the heart of God in a way you probably have never seen either before. I found this to be the perfect launching point to explain exactly where redeemed Israel is at today, where we need to get to, how to begin, and exactly why we must make the trip. I’m warning you to be prepared, the woman really started to tap into my radical self!

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