Good News! – #61

Everybody loves good news. Perhaps the most exciting news of all is when bad news turns into good news. That’s what happened with the good news we are sharing in this program. We will be considering an authentic news report from the first century. Here is a brief summary of the news released from that source: Eye-witnesses tell what they saw on Abib 14 of 33 CE. The betrayal and arrest of an innocent man. A sham trial with drummed up false witnesses in the middle of the night followed by a brutal execution of the innocent victim in the following hours. Then amazing events seen by all confirming the horrible news that they had actually murdered the Son of God! Just three days later eye-witnesses confirm that the bad news turned into good news as the execution victim, Y’shua the Nazarean, was raised from the dead! Why should we believe this amazing report? How does it effect us? Don’t miss this fresh perspective of the most profound events ever to take place on planet earth. If it doesn’t change your life you aren’t listening!

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Way of Y’shua the Nazarean #13

Y’shua perfectly observed the Torah in a living Way which he taught to His talmidim / disciples. His Way was dramatically different than the Way of the Pharisees and other sects of Judaism in the 1st Century. Y’shua’s Way applied the love and mercy of God to Torah in a way that often led to a radically different view of Torah than the Pharisees. Why this difference? The answer to that question could revolutionize your life! Learn how to enter in through the Gate of YHWH!

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