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Holy Time is set-apart time, sanctified time. Holy Time belongs to Him but it is created for us, His holy people, so that we can meet Him and live our lives with Him in His time. Holy Time will give you a more Scriptural correct understanding of Yah’s Appointed Times which He has set. Absolutely know without doubt the right time for Sabbath, Passover and other Holy Days! Learn to live in Holy Time everyday with Him! The remnant of Israel need to be living in Holy Time.

UPDATE: Tsiyon Road radio station broadcasts according to Holy Time. Now you can enter in to Holy Time by listening to Tsiyon Radio. Join the Tsiyon Tabernacle to meet other Sabbath keepers in your area or come fellowship with us in Austin TX.

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Way of Y’shua the Nazarean #13

Y’shua perfectly observed the Torah in a living Way which he taught to His talmidim / disciples. His Way was dramatically different than the Way of the Pharisees and other sects of Judaism in the 1st Century. Y’shua’s Way applied the love and mercy of God to Torah in a way that often led to a radically different view of Torah than the Pharisees. Why this difference? The answer to that question could revolutionize your life! Learn how to enter in through the Gate of YHWH!

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