Acts of the Prophets #87

The office of Prophet is ranked second in the Renewed Covenant Scriptures, right after Apostles. Yet, few of us are aware of what the prophets did among the first century believers to be ranked so highly. This program removes the fog surrounding that question as we consider key prophets by name and review what they actually did in the earliest days of the Messianic movement. As we consider the acts of the prophets you will be amazed at the far-reaching positive consequences of the things the prophets did in the service of the Kingdom. In the process you will gain important insights into dynamics of first century Jewish society as revealed in the book of Acts and how that played into the rapid spread of the Good News. You will also lay the groundwork to better understand the role of the prophets in the final days. Talmidim of the King; be informed, uplifted and inspired by a living Book of Acts!

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Apostolic Job Description #85

In the first century there were multiple apostles, each directly sent out by Messiah to act in His Name. How were all of these apostles able to deal with potential conflicts of authority to harmoniously build up the one Body of Messiah? Some modern scholars say that such a conflict brought about a rift between the Jerusalem apostles and Paul whereby Paul went off on his own to found a new religion called “Christianity.” In this program we trace the inspired record of Paul’s life and find that charge to be groundless. Not only that, but we find that Paul and all of the apostles worked out the great questions that confronted them in a harmonious way reflecting the deep commitment to the one Body of Messiah that characterized all of them. What is it really like to be an apostle? In this program you will get a Scriptural, and a very profound, answer.

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