Messiah’s Birth Year #39

Since this seventh Biblical month is the time of year of Messiah’s birth we are focusing on exactly when “Christ” was born. These programs teaching the true time of Messiah’s birth will equip you to bear witness to the truth during the upcoming “Christmas Season.” Most modern reference works place Messiah’s birth sometime before 4 BC. This, despite the fact that the Gospel of Luke clearly indicates that Y’shua was born in 2 BC. The “Church Fathers” from the centuries immediately after the first century essentially agreed with Luke. Why this difference on the part of modern scholars? The answer to this puzzle all revolves around the first century priest-historian, Josephus. In this program we unravel the mystery for you that proves without a doubt that Luke was right about the year of Messiah’s birth! You will also thrill to learn how the “Star of Bethlehem” gives us astronomical evidence pinpointing the year of our Savior’s birth!

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Y’shua the Tsadeek #37

Who was Y’shua in the eyes of His contemporaries when He stepped on the public stage in the first century? In the beginning He was not yet known by His people to be the Messiah, much less the Son of God.  Yet, the common people, including the oppressed, the blind, the sick and the lame flocked to Him. From the start people swarmed around Him to hear what He had to say. Y’shua had a special standing in His nation due to being of the royal line of David! This program brings Y’shua’s role as a son of David into sharper focus to give us a clearer picture of how He was perceived in the first century Jewish world. While the people of that day thought they were assessing Him, they were really the ones who were being sifted and even judged on the basis of what they did regarding Him. To this day it continues to be so.

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