Meet Ya’akov HaTsadeek #72

“Saint James” is a mythical figure of the Roman Church who barely resembles the real-life brother of Messiah, Ya’akov HaTsadeek / James the Just. In reality Ya’akov HaTsadeek was a Jew of David’s House who kept a life-long nazirite vow according to the requirements of the “Old Testament Law” the Torah, and was, in fact, a highly esteemed dignitary of the whole Jewish nation in his day. At the same time, Ya’akov HaTsadeek was the earthly leader of the Messianic believers, better known to many as “the Church” in Jerusalem and in all the world. This picture, of course, is not consistent with the “new religion” theory of the “Christian Church” – which explains why the Roman Church establishment did all in their power to eradicate all true historical records of Ya’akov HaTsadeek. In this program you will meet the real Ya’akov HaTsadeek as you have never known him before. In meeting him you are bound to be inspired by him. I promise you, meeting him in this program will challenge much that you thought you knew as you move to a new level of understanding of what the Kingdom of Messiah is really all about. This program pulls together much that has already been taught in our earlier programs and dramatically advances the big picture forward. You will definitely want to take in the whole hour on this one so you don’t miss the amazing crux of what this is all about!

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Apostle James the Just #71

What do The Gospel of the Nazarenes, The Gospel According To The Hebrews and the original Hebrew Gospel Of Matthew have in common? According to “early church” writings they were all the same Gospel! This original Hebrew Gospel, said to be written by the Apostle Matthew, was used by the Hebrew-speaking believers into the fourth century. It was also used by early “Church Fathers” such as Jerome and Origen. Today this original Hebrew Matthew is gone, except for about 20 fragments contained in quotes from other early writers. What became of it? Amazingly, Cyril, a Roman Catholic Bishop, admitted to having BURNED it as heresy! What could the Apostle Matthew possibly have said that was so damaging to the Roman Church that they would burn an original Gospel from one of the Twelve Apostles? This mystery becomes clear in this episode of our program as we look into the suppressed truth about the Apostle, James the Just, known also as “brother of the Lord.”

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