Torah Teaching #94

Many people think of Torah as “the Law.” Actually, it is the Instruction from the greatest of teachers, our Father in Heaven. While some folks think of Torah as dead ritual, nothing could be farther from the truth. Torah teaching is for every day, all day, and it is something that everyone, and especially all parents, are enjoined to be involved in. In this program “teaching” in the Hebraic mindset is contrasted with what we think of as “teaching” in Greco-Roman culture. There is a vitally important difference that is truly life-changing. Put on your Hebraic mindset about this and you and your family will be blessed!

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Pastor My Lambs! #91

YHWH is the Great Shepherd and Israel is His flock. Even now He collects together His lambs. Y’shua Messiah is the Good Shepherd who lays down His life for the sheep. He warns against the hired shepherd who runs away and abandons the sheep in the face of danger. True pastors, under-shepherds, have been set in place by the Chief Shepherd and must look to His example and guidance to pastor His sheep. If you are called to be a pastor you will find it to be the hardest job you will ever love. It will take everything you have to lead the Master’s sometimes cantankerous sheep, but after a lifetime poured out for the flock you will receive a crown of glory reserved especially for those who lead well, in the love of the Lord. The true shepherd faces many occupational hazards but can overcome them all by never forgetting one thing. In this episode we learn the important secret of pastoring, directly from the Master’s lips. Not a pastor? You will still be blessed by this program as you are reminded how dearly you are loved as one of the Master’s sheep!

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