The Matrix – 2 Lives #107

In the movie, The Matrix, we meet a truth-seeker with 2 names and 2 lives. By day he is known as Thomas Anderson and works as one among many other employees in his 9 to 5 existence. By night he is Neo, living in the online shadows as a computer hacker – it is here that he is reaching out to discover the truth. His seeking brings attention from 2 worlds; causing his 2 lives to collide as his Neo-life comes unexpectedly crashing in to his 9 to 5 existence. The challenges he faces when this happens are startling, yet not really very different from what happens in the life of every seeker who makes a real approach toward the Kingdom of Messiah. Are you a truth-seeker? Then there are lessons in this study that you can’t afford to miss! [Movie clips included in this program including the names, Morpheus, Agent Smith, Mr. Anderson and Neo are from “The Matrix” copyright 1999 Warner Bros. Pictures.]

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Tsiyon Plans for Year 3 #105

As Tsiyon begins its 3rd broadcast year we lay out plans you will want to know about to help our listeners enter into a deeper walk with Messiah. Important announcements are made that involve you! Listener feedback is commented on that will help you to know what is happening with other Tsiyon listeners. The faithful remnant from both Israel and the Nations will gain important insights into their growing process from this program. If you are one of these we highly recommend that you don’t miss this!

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