Kingdom Cornerstone #45

Through His prophets YHWH promised the coming of Messiah as the Kingdom Cornerstone. For example; “Behold, I lay in Tsiyon for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone of a sure foundation.” As we look at Y’shua’s triumphal entry as King into Jerusalem we find two groups in evidence. Those who welcomed their Messiah and became built up upon the Kingdom Stone and the religious “builders” of the establishment that stumbled over the Stone and made “a covenant with hell” to murder Him! The signal issue was over the question: Who has the authority in Israel? This is still the key question in all Israel today, making this program of vital import to everyone with an ear to hear. (Isaiah 28:16)

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The Way of the Nazareans #12

Y’shua the Messiah was a Nazarean. The Nazareans were faithful descendants of David dedicated to the preservation and practice of the Davidic Covenant. They belonged to none of the Jewish sects of Y’shua’s day. Instead, they walked in the Way pioneered by their Patriarch, David HaMelek / King David. That Way was dramatically different than all the sects of Judaism and every religion known to man. It is called The Way of the Righteous. Find out what is so uniquely special about this Way as compared to every other. Don’t miss this, because you HAVE NOT heard it before!

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