Signs in the Moon #225

Blood Moon Eclipse

Four blood-moon eclipses in a row is a Tetrad.

This is rare. All on feast days defies the odds.

The last two times this happened were: 

..After the birth of Israel – and the 6-Day War.

This will happen again in 2014-15.

What does this mean?        

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Hebraic Soup to Nuts #216

Eliyahu has been a guest several times recently on the Torah 2 The Nations radio program, talking on everything from Hebraic soup to nuts! Why Hebrew Roots? What about the pre-trib rapture? Who are the remnant of Israel and what role do they play in the end times? The New World Order? Here we put together a single Tsiyon program with a varied array of topics from these appearances.

Hebraic Soup to Nuts

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