The Prophets #86

The Prophets are part of the 3-fold foundation of the Body of Messiah. That makes them vital to the spiritual life of every believer. What exactly is a prophet? If your answer is “someone who foretells the future” then you are describing a fortuneteller – not a Scriptural prophet. In this program you will learn exactly what a prophet is, what a prophet does, and how a prophet does it – and why it is vitally important for you to know all this about the prophets! The history of the Order of the Prophets in ancient Israel tells us much to inform us about who the prophets were and how they functioned. See the picture of the prophetic office as it functioned in ancient Israel as we look at the amazing lives of men like Samuel, Jeremiah and Elijah. There is more here than you thought. Be prepared for a few surprises!

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History of Davidic Leaders #28

Two flavors of Davidic leaders emerge in the history of the Davidic line in this 4th episode exploring the meaning of “son of David.” The two flavors are “wicked” and “righteous.” This program looks at both flavors as we highlight the Davidic line from Solomon down to Daniel. Oh, you didn’t know Daniel was a Davidic leader? Then don’t miss what this program reveals about Daniel! Also in this program is surprising information about the prophet Elijah from Scripture that you have probably never heard before. All in all, this little history lesson clears up common errors while paving the way for greater truth.

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