Eliyahu ben David

Eliyahu ben David, Mission Leader

Over thirty years ago YHWH called Eliyahu ben David to this ministry, specifically to lead this Mission. It takes a lifetime of preparation to undertake a Mission of this magnitude, and Eliyahu’s life has been molded to this singular purpose.

For the last seven years Eliyahu, with his co-host Dawn, have been bringing you a weekly radio message known as, “On the Road to Tsiyon.” The purpose of this program has been, and is, to reach the remnant of Israel with the message they need, to go home together to the place YHWH is preparing in Israel for them, in the Second Exodus. Secondarily, the program has also been meant to bless all listeners with the truth of Scripture in these last days. Now, through the Tsiyon Road radio station, broadcast by satellite and internet, this work is being stepped up and intensified.

For example, Eliyahu is now hosting a new program called “Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash.” This program is broadcast every Sabbath and many say they are being greatly blessed by it. The program focuses on a verse by verse teaching on the Torah, the first five books of the Bible. This portion of Scripture lays the foundation for all the Scriptures, and this systematic study goes beyond anything you have encountered before. The program is offered free on Tsiyon Road, and Scriptures and other resources used in the program can also be downloaded to enhance your study – all free of charge!  Why?  Because Eliyahu is passionate about sharing this amazing truth with you!

Books by Eliyahu

Books by Eliyahu

Besides the radio messages, Eliyahu has written a number of best-selling books that play an important role in the Mission ..with more to come. Also, you won’t want to miss the weekly newsletter where Eliyahu answers your most perplexing Bible questions, and will keep you up to date with all the latest offerings.

Eliyahu and Dawn, and a growing team of Tsiyon ministry volunteers, labor each day to meet the needs of all those who respond to the ministry, by web, phone and mail. We feel an urgency in these days to reach His people around the world.

Eliyahu, his family, and the Tsiyon Team, have had to overcome many obstacles and attacks to continue this work. One cannot complete a mission to overcomers without being an overcomer. A recent case in point is the fire of September 3, 2011 that completely destroyed the Tsiyon ministry headquarters of Eliyahu, Dawn, and their family. The fire was so devastating that some thought Tsiyon would never recover. Yet, the ministry and weekly radio messages continued on from a Texas campground without missing a broadcast, until the ministry could get reestablished in more permanent facilities some months later. Now, exactly one year from the date of the fire, Tsiyon Road, the new Tsiyon radio station, is born.

Unless YHWH builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. Psalm 127:1a

King Solomon wrote this Psalm, no doubt realizing that the House he was building for YHWH, the Temple, would come to nothing if its true builder was not YHWH Himself. Indeed, YHWH had purposed that Solomon would be the man He would use to build that House, which is why the work succeeded in Solomon’s hands.

The way YHWH used Solomon to accomplish that mission has always been the pattern YHWH has followed. YHWH purposes a work that needs to be done and then He appoints a man through whom He gets it done. Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, all of the Judges, all of the righteous kings, all of the prophets, even Messiah Himself, His brother James, and each of His apostles, are all examples of Yah’s way of working in the earth, through a man – one anointed man leading the way for other leaders and workers, to all accomplish the mission together. This is God’s Order and way, and it has been His way since the founding of the world. Since God does not change, it remains His way today.

The point here is this: Eliyahu is Yah’s man, chosen and appointed to this Mission by YHWH, in keeping with Yah’s Order.

A flawed man?

Certainly. We all are.

A bondslave of Messiah?


An overcomer?


A messenger confirmed by a unique message of truth that could only come from above?

Many have said so. Listen to the radio messages and see what you think.

A man confirmed to this Mission by a specific prophetic word?

Definitely yes, as you will hear from the recordings below.

Remember; “He who gives answer before he hears, that is folly and shame to him.” Prov 18:13

Listen as much as you want, prayerfully consider it, then make up your mind.

Eliyahu ben David is Yah’s man for this Mission. That’s why only Eliyahu can succeed.

That’s why, for the remnant, Tsiyon Road is the only way home.

 Eliyahu’s Testimony

The Prophetic Word – Part 1

The Prophetic Word – Part 2

The Prophetic Word – Part 3

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