Focus on Israel

Focus on Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Paul Calvert is a Christian from the UK who loves the people of Israel – all of them. Tsiyon Radio has been distributing his interview program to radio stations in the USA since 2009. As far as we know, Paul has never even listened to one of our Tsiyon programs. I’m sure, if that’s true, it in not because Paul doesn’t like us. It is simply that Paul is very busy traveling all over Israel interviewing all sorts of people about all sorts of things. That’s his passion and he is focused on Israel just about all of the time. His interviews make up the content of his unique programs.

Now, we will freely tell you that we are not in agreement with many of Paul’s interviewees, and on rare occasions, not with Paul either, to be completely candid. So why do we air these interviews? The answer is simple. We, the remnant, are going to all live in Israel someday, so it wouldn’t hurt for us to get to know our neighbors-to-be. While you may not agree with all of them, you need to know what they think on a wide range of topics. This is where Paul Calvert’s programs shine.

Through the lens of Focus on Israel you will get to know the people who live in Israel, up close and personal. In some cases this may be a little perturbing, as preconceived ideas you may have had about Israel become adjusted to the reality of actual conditions on the ground. Israel is a complicated place, and the news we usually get about Israel is generally superficial at best. Hearing from real people who live there helps to cut through the fog.

We are hooked on Paul Calvert’s Focus on Israel program, even if it grates on our sensibilities a bit, from time to time. We have not found another program that could even come close to replacing it. We are committed to it, because it is exactly the reality check on Israel that pretty much everybody needs. That’s why Tsiyon Road is airing these interviews, every day.

Hear Focus on Israel work days on Tsiyon Road:

Focus on Israel w/ Paul Calvert (day’s program 1)

Jerusalem Time (UTC +2):  20:00 / 08:00 PM or 08:00 / 08:00 AM

Focus on Israel w/ Paul Calvert (day’s program 2)

Jerusalem Time (UTC +2):  00:00 / 12:00 AM or 12:00 / 12:00  PM

Focus on Israel w/ Paul Calvert (day’s program 3)

Jerusalem Time (UTC +2):  04:00 / 04:00 AM or 16:00 / 04:00 PM

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