On the Road to Tsiyon

On the road to Tsiyon

On The Road To Tsiyon with Eliyahu ben David and Dawn is a truly unique Messianic radio program. What makes it unique is meaty content that goes beneath the surface to reveal the bedrock of Scriptural understanding.

Known for its unique Hebraic / Hebrew Roots, and more specifically, Davidic perspective, the weekly programs each stand alone, but are best enjoyed as a series that will lead you step by step in the Way of Y’shua the Nazarean. Get to know Him as He really is with fresh and insightful information of a depth that will inform and challenge the most spiritually experienced listener. All are welcome, but this program is especially for those talmidim / disciples who aspire to ascend to the heights of Tsiyon with their King, known also as the remnant of Israel.

Eliyahu and co-host, Dawn, make a winning team, with Eliyahu producing the content for the radio messages, books and websites, while Dawn brings her publishing skills to bear, to help bring all of this content to readers and listeners, in a way that they can enjoyably receive. This concern for the listener carries forward with Dawn at the Tsiyon website, where Dawn does much of the followed-up with listener contacts.

The truth is, Eliyahu’s meaty content could be too deep for a full hour program, except that Dawn keeps the flow of the conversation both relevant and interesting to follow, always keeping the needs of the listener in mind. This particular chemistry has turned out to be a winner for a rapidly increasing number of listeners around the world. The program began in January of 2006 and is regularly heard in over 65 countries via satellite, shortwave, FM, and internet radio.

Listen to some “On The Road To Tsiyon”programs on Tsiyon Road, or one of the other stations carrying the program. Pretty soon you will understand why more and more people are tuning in On The Road To Tsiyon each and every week!

Hear On the Road to Tsiyon on Tsiyon Road:

Work Days

Day’s program 1 – Jerusalem Time (UTC +2):  21:00 / 09:00 PM or 9:00 / 9:00 AM

Day’s program 2 – Jerusalem Time (UTC +2):  01:00 / 01:00 AM or 13:00 / 01:00 PM

Day’s program 3 – Jerusalem Time (UTC +2):  05:00 /  05:00 AM or 17:00 / 05:00 PM


Latest Program. Jerusalem Time (UTC +2):  23:00 / 11:00 PM or 05:00 / 05:00 AM or 11:00 / 11:00 AM or 17:00 / 05:00 PM

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