Covenant With Hell #55

Continuing our discussion about Judas Iscariot, we look into the prophecy of Zechariah 11 / Zachar’yah 11, written 500 years in advance of the actual history that fulfilled the prophecy. This amazing prophecy not only foretells actual events fulfilled by Judas Iscariot, but it foretells events of the entire period from the coming of Messiah to the Roman massacre of 67 CE at the mountain fortress of Gamla, through the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple, all the way to the final destruction of the Nation of Judah in the Bar Kokba / Bar Cochba / Ben Koziba revolt. The enigmatic prophecy of Zechariah 11 / Zachar’yah 11 is unlocked for the first time in the commentary by Eliyahu ben David entitled: “From The Shepherd of YHWH to the Shepherd of Nothing” available at the website. This program expounds on important highlights of that commentary. Zechariah, in this prophecy, answers the question; “How could God allow calamity to fall upon His Covenant people, the Jewish Nation?” Finally, there is a detailed and accurate answer to that question!

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