Revelation: Enter The Throneroom #125

Revelation 4
Gem Stones

A once-in-eternity meeting was scheduled in heaven. You will be surprised to learn exactly when it was scheduled to occur! John, the writer of Revelation, entered in the Spirit through a door into heaven to witness that dramatic meeting. Today we are following him through that door into heaven to witness that same meeting for ourselves. You will learn the true identity of everyone in that scene, including the “four living creatures” and the “twenty-four elders.” You will learn why they are there! You will learn about the furnishings of that Throneroom and you will finally understand what the dramatic meeting in Revelation four is all about! If you are one of our Ministry Partners you will be aided in your understanding by the helpful chart of the Throneroom included in your supplemental material. Chart or not, you are about to find out that Revelation CAN be understood – once it is revealed!

Note For Tsiyon Partners: We are presenting more information for some of these Revelation programs than will fit into our regular hour programs. When we do that we are creating an “extended edition” just for our Tsiyon Ministry Partners that includes EVERYTHING. We are producing Revelation supplements for our Tsiyon Ministry Partners, also. This information is vital for the remnant of Israel and is being unsealed right here, right now. Please, don’t miss a thing.

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Video: Revelation – The Four Horsemen

Title:  Revelation – The Four Horsemen
By: Eliyahu ben David and Dawn

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