Defense Dept Report on China – 52 pg

This report was published by the USA Defense Department and is entitled “ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS The Military Power of the People’s Republic of China 2005.” While the report attempts to present the information in a calm and reassuring way the facts presented in the report are alarming. They present a picture of a China that is sky-rocketing in both economic growth and military power. The report reveals China’s military to be over 13,000,000 in total, by far the largest army in the world. China is also reported to have a global nuclear reach with a military buildup and modernization presently underway of gigantic proportions. This buildup must be fueled from the world’s oil supply with China now just behind the USA as the world leader in oil consumption. The report tells us that China now imports more than 40% of its oil and that number is quickly increasing toward 80%, putting China on a collision course with its principle rival, the United States, in the competition for the world’s ever-shrinking supply of oil. All of these facts shed light on how Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled and will come to pass through the remainder of this final generation at the end of the age.

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Unrestricted Warfare – 151 pg Book

Soon after the shocking attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, two high-ranking Chinese military planners essentially took credit for the strategy behind the 9/11 attacks. In fact, three years before 9/11, the Chinese Colonels had proposed the attacks of a sort similar to 9/11, even specifically naming the Trade Center and Osama bin Laden. All of this was published in the Chinese military manual translated by the USA government into English and called “Unrestricted Warfare.”

The authors of “Unrestricted Warfare” are Senior Cols. Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. Their book was published by China’s People’s Liberation Army and had the endorsement of the Chinese government.

“Unrestricted Warfare” sets out a strategy of warfare by which  China and other technologically “weaker” countries may war against and overcome a technically superior force – namely, the USA. It is now clear from events that have taken place on the world stage since “Unrestricted Warfare” was first published that the world is presently at war with powerblocks using “asymmetrical” warfare that pits, not only armies, but entire societies in clandestine warfare against one another. In fact, war is now re-defined and is no longer confined to the battlefield. Besides terror, this war uses technologies such as advanced communications and information systems to attack and undermine society. The new warfare also includes attack on finances, attacks on the media and even infiltration of the political process to accomplish its goals. This is of interest to Tsiyon members because this new sort of war fulfills Bible prophecy and gives us an important window into what is really happening in the world and what is yet ahead. We here include the English translation of “Unrestricted Warfare” as a private free download for our Tsiyon ministry partners.

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