Urim Thummim Jewels #218

Silver Kingdom Shekel - Reverse

The Tribes of Israel
the semiotics of
squares, circles
and pyramids
in the Divine Order.

Squares, Circles, Pyramids

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Fifth Seal Scenario #139

Is a USA policestate possible?Persecution in the USA?

Democrat, Republican ..or ALL Globalists?

National Decline?

Martial Law?



USA ..What’s the plan?
..Can it happen here?

Fifth Seal ..I saw ..those who had been killed for the Word of God,
and for the testimony of the Lamb. Rev 6:9-11

Does a globalist CFR plan really exist engineering the decline of America?

Why and how will the USA cede it’s national sovereignty
to the UN? How will that change the world?

What documented steps have already been taken toward national decline ..toward martial law, tyranny and persecution of believers?

Special Downloads:

State Department Pub. 7277 – 20 pages
Official State Department plan proposing ceding of the national sovereignty of the USA to the UN. Now well under way.


Changing Images of Man &
The Planned Collapse of the USA – 289 pages

The globalist elite have planned where our world is heading right now, as evidenced by this 1974 research report released by Stanford Research Institute and the Charles F. Kettering Foundation, originally commissioned by the US Government.


Program #139 Supplement
Contains documentation for everything in the program, and more, including official White House June 26, 2008 EO
“declaration of national emergency.”

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