Son of Man Our Redeemer #67

Listener Email Question:  “Today I opened an email teaching from YATI that shocked me! YATI claims that Yahshua was/is not human. Here’s an exact quote that I cut&pasted from the teaching of Rabbi Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky that YATI sent to me; Yahshua is not 100 percent YHWH and 100 percent man as most bible believing religions, or sects teach, but is 1 million percent YHWH and 0 percent man. He was cloaked with the features of humanity, BUT was not human in His flesh, spirit, or blood! I want to know: Does Tsiyon teach this too?”

Tsiyon Answer:  No, Tsiyon does not agree that Y’shua was not really a man, for obvious Biblical reasons. If Y’shua was not a man then He was not “Son of David.” If He was not “Son of David” then He could not be Messiah, since the Scriptures make clear that Messiah would be a Son of David and David, of course, was a man (Isaiah 11:1, Matt 1:1, Luke 1:32). Neither can it be said that Y’shua was merely “Son of David” in some sort of symbolic way, for the Scripture specifically says Y’shua “was born of the seed of David according to the flesh” (Romans 1:4). Actually, Y’shua’s favorite title for Himself was “Son of Man” emphasizing His true humanity. This is vital to all of us, because we are saved through the sacrifice of Y’shua as a perfect man. If He did not come as a man then we are all still in our sins. Y’shua on earth was known as Son of David – Son of Man – and Son of God. Tsiyon did a series of programs on Y’shua as each of these titles in the Spring of 2006. Anyone with questions about the topic should listen to all of those programs to better understand the identity of Y’shua in all dimensions. This Passover season we are rebroadcasting one of those programs that is especially appropriate which shows why Y’shua had to be a man to save us. This program is called “Son of Man Our Redeemer.”

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Defense Dept Report on China – 52 pg

This report was published by the USA Defense Department and is entitled “ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS The Military Power of the People’s Republic of China 2005.” While the report attempts to present the information in a calm and reassuring way the facts presented in the report are alarming. They present a picture of a China that is sky-rocketing in both economic growth and military power. The report reveals China’s military to be over 13,000,000 in total, by far the largest army in the world. China is also reported to have a global nuclear reach with a military buildup and modernization presently underway of gigantic proportions. This buildup must be fueled from the world’s oil supply with China now just behind the USA as the world leader in oil consumption. The report tells us that China now imports more than 40% of its oil and that number is quickly increasing toward 80%, putting China on a collision course with its principle rival, the United States, in the competition for the world’s ever-shrinking supply of oil. All of these facts shed light on how Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled and will come to pass through the remainder of this final generation at the end of the age.

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