What is a PDF File and How Do I Use it?

The Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash episodes have resources available in PDF format.  A number of On The Road To Tsiyon programs have study supplements and various other resources available in PDF format too.  Some folks have been asking what PDF files are and how to use these files.

There are many different types of devices which can access websites ranging from cell phones, electronic book readers, and laptops, as well as Macintosh and IBM personal computers.  All of these different devices may use different software programs which can cause difficulty for some folks in downloading materials at different website. Thus, PDF files were born.  PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format. The PDF format is intended to be universal across a wide variety of devices, thus enabling sharing of documents.

Many devices which can access the internet already have a built-in PDF Reader. While you may need to locate a PDF reading software especially suited to your personal type of internet device, most folks can use the common format which is Adobe’s PDF Reader for personal computers or for Mac. Firefox web browser also has a PDF reader. There are many PDF reading programs available and you can use your favorite search engine to find one which best suits your needs.

Once you download and install a PDF reader, you can view the document(s) from our website with ease.  If you have recently installed an upgrade to your existing PDF reader, or just installed a PDF reading software for the first time, you can test your installation by clicking on the Ebd bet Midrash “Schedule” link, as shown below. The Torah Reading Schedule is a PDF file and by clicking on it, if everything is installed and working properly on your computer, you should be able to open it and read it.  If you cannot open the file, research the error message you receive at your favorite search engine and you’ll likely find an online article explaining how to solve the issue(s) you are encountering.

May Messiah bless you in your studies!

How Do I Recover My User Name?

If you have forgotten your user name, it will be emailed to you whenever you reset your password.  Simply follow the instruction to recover your password.  When you receive the email containing the link, right above the link the email will list your username.  The way the username displays within the email is the same way you should type it–with exactly the same capital or lower case text.  An example email is shown below. Please note for security reasons, some of the information in the actual email is not illustrated below.

Here you see the text of the email–Someone has requested a password reset for the website.  Then it gives the username.  In this example, the username is “Volunteer” with a capital “V” and the rest of the letters lower case letters.  It also states you can ignore the email and your password won’t be reset.  If you would also like to reset your password, simply click on the link.  Note:  The link above cannot be copied.  It will not work.  You must click on the link within your email and it will be longer than the one shown.