Was Pharisee Hillel Davidic? #214

Doctor of the Law at Jerusalem in the time of King Herod; founder of the school called after him, and ancestor of the patriarchs who stood at the head of Palestinian Judaism till about the fifth century of the common era. Hillel was a Babylonian by birth and, according to a later tradition, belonged to the family of David.                              Jewish Encyclopedia

Was Hillel Davidic?

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Judean Government #32

The full theme of this program is: “Judean Government in the Time of Y’shua.” As we continue to probe what it means that Y’shua was a Son of David we find ourselves examining the 1st Century power-structure of the nation. To get to the truth we must first separate fact from religious deceptions still being believed and maintained regarding the forces of government which Y’shua contended with during His lifetime. In this program you will learn about figures important in the 1st century such as Herod the Great, Hillel and others. We dig deeply and we are sure you will be surprised as well as informed by what we have discovered. Amazingly, this information dating back to the 1st Century still holds explosive liberating power, even in our day.

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