Urim Thummim Jewels #218

Silver Kingdom Shekel - Reverse

The Tribes of Israel
the semiotics of
squares, circles
and pyramids
in the Divine Order.

Squares, Circles, Pyramids

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The Matrix – 2 Worlds #106

In the Warner Bros film, The Matrix, there are 2 worlds. One is the real world and the other is a simulated world replacing the real world in the minds of mankind, by which those from the real world are enslaved. Could something like The Matrix actually be deceiving mankind today? This first in a series of programs dealing with concepts influencing The Matrix movies points to the Scriptures and what they say about 2 worlds. Radio host and author, Eliyahu ben David, in his book, Holy Order Restored, describes an experience in detail, much like Neo in the Matrix film, in which he was “unplugged” from something like The Matrix – almost 2 decades before the movie. In this series of “Matrix” programs Eliyahu ben David explains what all of this has to do with you. If you have been haunted by “the question” it is about time that you got some real answers. Free your mind! Movie clips included in this program are from “The Matrix” copyright 1999 Warner Bros. Pictures.

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