Eternal Kingdom of Messiah #303

Under your own vine and fig tree

foreshadows the Eternal Kingdom of Messiah.

Learn what that Kingdom is, when it will occur, what will happen there, and how you can be a part of it. This is one of the most significant programs we have ever presented.  Enjoy!

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Messiah Establishes His Kingdom #41

According to the Hebrew Prophets, Messiah would come to establish and uphold the Kingdom of David to rule Israel and the world without end and there would be no end to the increase of that Kingdom. When Yochanan the Immerser / John the Baptist came on the scene he announced that Kingdom was at hand. The Messiah also took up that same message of the “Good News of the Kingdom” – in fact, that was the central message that He and his disciples / talmidim proclaimed. In this program we examine how Messiah, at His first coming, fulfilled important aspects of the prophecies regarding how the Messiah would establish the Kingdom Government. This no-nonsense program gives you the specifics of exactly what Messiah did to establish His Kingdom! Most believers today are a bit fuzzy about just what the Good News of the Kingdom is that Messiah preached. Since this was His central message every believer needs to be well informed about this. This is one of our most important programs. Please don’t miss it because “the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

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