Messiah’s Birthyear Revisited #103

Almost all Bible reference works in the last 100 years say “Christ was born no later than 4 B.C.” In fact, this view has been so widely held for so long that it is generally considered common knowledge among Bible scholars. Unfortunately, this commonly held assertion is simply wrong. The Bible itself, secular sources, astronomical evidence and the latest manuscript evidence all converge to shatter the 4 B.C. barrier. In fact, the evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that Messiah was born in the year 2 B.C. In this program we will prove why the commonly held 4 B.C. barrier is wrong and how the Gospel written by Doctor Luke has given us the correct year of Messiah’s birth all along. The moral of this story? This is just one more case of the inspired Scriptures being proven true, leaving all the “experts” with egg on their face. Friends, you can trust the Scriptures as the true Word of YHWH every time!

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