Zechariah 11 Commentary

Zechariah, who is instrumental in re-establishing the Nation of Judah of the Second Temple period sees over five centuries into the future to the final doom of that nation at the hands of the Romans. That destruction fulfilling Zechariah’s prophecy in awful detail progressively came upon Judea from 66-135 CE. This raises a question too obvious to the Judeans to even have to ask: “Why would YHWH, in Covenant with Judah, allow destruction by the Romans to come upon that nation? Zechariah 11 answers that very question, prophesying about:

  • The Roman massacre of 67 CE at the mountain fortress of Gamla.
  • Insights into the nature of the High Priesthood, Scribes and Lawyers of Judea.
  •  The ministry of the Shepherd of YHWH a/k/a the Messiah.
  • Foresees YHWH terminating the Covenant with the Nation of Judah.
  • Thirty pieces of silver paid as the price of Messiah fulfilled by Judas Iscariot.
  • Brotherhood broken and the remnant of Israel going forward in the Covenant.
  • The final end of the Second Temple Era Nation of Judah.
  • Details of the Bar Kokba / Bar Cochba / Ben Koziba revolt.

The enigmatic prophecy of Zechariah 11 is now clearly explained in this commentary by Eliyahu ben David:

From The Shepherd of YHWH to the Shepherd of Nothing
A Commentary on Zechariah 11 / Zachar’yah 11

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