How Do I Recover My User Name?

If you have forgotten your user name, it will be emailed to you whenever you reset your password.  Simply follow the instruction to recover your password.  When you receive the email containing the link, right above the link the email will list your username.  The way the username displays within the email is the same way you should type it–with exactly the same capital or lower case text.  An example email is shown below. Please note for security reasons, some of the information in the actual email is not illustrated below.

Here you see the text of the email–Someone has requested a password reset for the website.  Then it gives the username.  In this example, the username is “Volunteer” with a capital “V” and the rest of the letters lower case letters.  It also states you can ignore the email and your password won’t be reset.  If you would also like to reset your password, simply click on the link.  Note:  The link above cannot be copied.  It will not work.  You must click on the link within your email and it will be longer than the one shown.