Messianic Evangelists #90

These days, the word “Evangelist” calls to mind a very different image than the Biblical word actually suggests. In this program we will discuss the “Evangel” (good news, gospel), the “Evangelist” (messenger of good news) and what it means to “preach” the good news, in the true Biblical sense. Here’s a hint – it doesn’t involve church buildings at all! We will also explore the origin of the concept of the Evangelist (you guessed it) in the Tenach (“Old Testament”) to learn what the fullness of the “Good News”actually includes. You probably won’t be surprised, as a listener of our program, to learn that much has been stripped away from the original “Gospel” message. The redemption of Israel, for example. But never fear! This program makes a good start at putting it all back where it belongs!

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