Betrayal Defense Booklet

“BETRAYAL a MAJOR Plague of the Last Days” is the full name of this 34 page booklet submitted to us by a Tsiyon listener. Regardless of how you feel about controversial subjects mentioned in the booklet the principles it offers defending against betrayal in the last days are well worth considering. “The Matthew 10:16 Protocol” in the booklet is solid Scriptural advice in all times and conditions, and is the main reason why we have decided to pass this on to you. WARNING, this booklet discusses controversial subjects that may not be suitable for all readers including: betrayal of Messiah, agents of satan, demonic activity, hidden agendas, luciferic community, one world government, mass mind control, beast system, people being arrested-tortured-killed, concentration camps, gas chambers, ovens, guillotines, torture devices, United States-the European Union-United Nations conspiracy, illuminati, persecuted church, government puppet church, martial law, mind-programming, emotional programming, physical experiments, Freemasons, Rothchild Central Banking, spies in churches, witches in churches, code words, secrecy, church covenants with government, American pride, believers “turned in”, sexual seduction, mysticism, occult practices, witchcraft, paganism, cruelty, alliances for self-gain, extermination, martyrdom, phones tapped, Internet tapped, e-mails tapped, cell phones tapped, scanable chip, spy satellites, the world system, the Sanhedrin in league with the Vatican, world religion headquartered in Jerusalem, Global Occupation, escape of His remnant, and similar topics.
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