Renalee and The Fragrance of Heaven Now Airing!

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Renalee and The Fragrance of Heaven Now Airing!

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Blessings remnant people! Emily here. 🙂

I’m excited to tell you all that Tsiyon Road Radio has recently started airing a brand new artist! Her name is Renalee. She has been a believer in Messiah for over 40 years and doing full time ministry for more than two decades. She has sent in some great music to Tsiyon Road Radio and I hope you are all blessed by her music as much as I have been!

Fragrance of Heaven Team

Rich Friedman, Renalee, and Matthew East

Renalee sings with a worship team, called The Fragrance of Heaven, comprised of Rich Friedman and Matthew East. Rich Friedman is a musician, singer, song writer, and doctor while Matthew East is a young guitarist, vocalist, and song writer. These three have been working to bring glory to YHWH through their music and healing to listeners of their albums, most notably Fragrance of Heaven. Other albums we will be airing include Forever Love and Run to the Torah, also known as Love Letter.

Renalee herself was sick for years before being miraculously healed by YHWH. I don’t want to give away too much, because she has written her personal testimony of Yeshua on a dedicated page. Here’s a quote from her testimony.

After my healing miracle Yahshua began to pour out His spirit on me to write music and I could actually play my guitar correctly after many years. I so desired to worship YHWH when I was sick, that I would tune my guitar so low until the strings were very loose and easier to play. I couldn’t play long and it was very painful, and not very pretty, but it was another one of my sacrifices of praise. Now healing flows from the music Yahshua gives to me and people have been healed, delivered of fear, and set free from unclean spirits. I tell everyone that I don’t have any talent or ability; I only have His presence through the life and the blessing of walking in His instructions.– Renalee

You can read Renalee’s full testimony at her website, Where the Glory Walks. Click here to read Renalee’s testimony!

It really brings me joy to have so many wonderful artist playing on our radio station. Artist who love YHWH and Yeshua, who want to praise Him and bring glory to His name and be bond servants for His Kingdom. I hope our listeners can be blessed with the new addition of Renalee’s music to our station. Check the schedule and tune-in to Tsiyon Road Radio to catch some of Renalee’s music!


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