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Sharing BattleCry 2018 resources:

Battlecry 2018 is the theme and purpose of all of our special 7th month programming this year, to begin on September 11. You can enjoy this on Tsiyon radio. However, much of this will also be streamed live to everyone through YouTube, as a way to bless as many people as possible. This will include live music from Spiritsong, and special live presentations you won’t want to miss.

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Event Video Trailer – Please Like and Share

We’ve created a 1 minute YouTube video to publicize our Battlecry 2018 events. Could you like and share the video, and post it on your web site or Facebook page? To do so just click on the “share icon in the upper right of the video. From there you can select the “share” option you want to use. Its really easy and you will be blessing others with news of these free and uplifting events.

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