Lies Everywhere!

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Lies. Deceptions. Half-truths. Spin. More lies. Spoof emails. Telemarketing scams. Click bait. Identity theft: someone else pretending to be you. Misrepresentation. Coercion. Hacking. Cyber-attacks. Marketing. Fake news. Mass hypnosis. Mind control. What is all that? Read more . . .

The Last Great Day

The Fall feasts of the Seventh Month are all prophetic of events scheduled in the Plan of YHWH, starting . . . read more

Atonement Day of Hope

Tonight at sundown is the start of Atonement Day. Atonement Day is, of course, about Atonement. Atonement is, of course, about Hope! . . . read more

Crazier Every Year

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Read More . . .

Blow the Trumpets in Tsiyon!

Blow the trumpet in Tsiyon . . . read more 

Better than a bunker!

Is 2020 time to hide? What is better than a bunker? read more. . .