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Tsiyon Year End Report – Free Stuff for Tsiyon Listeners

Shalom everyone, it’s Emily. 🙂

Tsiyon has put out a new video called Free Stuff for Tsiyon Listeners. This video goes over the free content and features Tsiyon has pushed out in this last Hebrew year.

Some of cool things we’ve put out this past year

  • The mobile-friendly website you’re on right now that Jake developed
  • The Tsiyon Road Radio App for iPhone that Ginny made
  • The Remnant Exodus Seminar website, which you can find here
  • Some behind-the-scenes work that optimizes website performance for you!
  • plus more!

Eliyahu mentions more in the video, and yet there were still so many things left out because of how much time it would take to remember everything we had accomplished last year! You can definitely look forward to more great content this coming Hebrew year though. 😉

If you haven’t seen this video yet I encourage you to go check it out…after all, you will be introduced to the members of the Tsiyon Team, and we’re still growing! 😀 Just scroll to the bottom of this page to see this latest video ‘Free Stuff for Tsiyon Listeners’!

This video is an excerpt, but you can find the full version at the Tsiyon Tabernacle YouTube channel! 🙂

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