7 Ways to Share Tsiyon

Shalom Remnant people! Its Em. 🙂 Today I was setting goals for myself to share Tsiyon. For example: Sifting through YouTube and leaving relevant comments back to some of Eliyahu’s videos or tweeting something about the radio. These are a couple ways, but there are many more!

I know a lot of our listeners would like to share Tsiyon, but may not know where to start or how. But guess what? It’s pretty easy and may only take 5-10 minutes out of your day – or less! So lets get started!


1. Share Tsiyon Road Radio Post On Facebook

Tsiyon Road Messianic Radio has a Facebook page. We have a diligent Tsiyon volunteer running things over there who post the Tsiyon Newsletter, upcoming events, photos and videos. But if nobody sees it, how many people does it reach? That’s where you come in!

It’s called sharing. I like this way because is so easy, yet it reaches everyone in your group of friends and anyone who scrolls through your timeline will see it. So next time you see a Newsletter or other event posted, be sure to hit that ‘Share’ button! Liking it won’t hurt either. 😉

2. Pinterest

Now, I know it’s mostly ladies who use Pinterest, but there are men on that site too! (Shocking, I know) 🙂

Janet says it best:

It is up to you to pick the topics, that you not only want to share, but will also peak the interest of the truth seekers. You can post Tsiyon programs, scripture verses, and pictures which will cause people to like or share your page with others and who knows how far it will go! I love the idea that the Ruach can use that post!

You can choose an image off a webpage and then Pin it to one of your boards, so when people find it on Pinterest, it leads to the website! You can even pin video from the Tsiyon Tabernacle YouTube Channel!

Pinterest makes it easy by creating a browser button for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. You can get the button here. So start pinning!

3. Twitter

Do you have Twitter? Do you have followers on Twitter? If you answered yes to both of these – then this method of sharing just might be for you.

On Twitter you can retweet, like, and share post with people. If you head over to the Tsiyon Road Radio Twitter page, you can follow us and stay up to date with whats playing and if there are any upcoming events! If you see something you like or want to share, you can hit that ‘Retweet’ button to show some love. 🙂

You can find the Tsiyon Road Radio Twitter here!

4. Share the Tsiyon Road Radio App

On your mobile device or your tablet, there’s either a Play Store for Google or an App Store for Apple.

The Tsiyon Road Radio app was developed courtesy of Ginny, who also runs the Facebook page I as telling you about earlier. 🙂 This application runs the radio station in the background of your device, so you can be doing other things while listening to the radio – anywhere! You can also access our other sites from it, including our members site.

If you go into the Play Store or App store, you should be able to locate a share button so you can send the link to the app to anyone in your Contact list, Skype, or other messenger applications on your device. They can then be directed to that page, download it, and give the station a listen while it runs in the background!

5. Forwarding the Tsiyon Newsletter

If you’re subscribed to the Tsiyon Newsletter then you will receive one every day 6 according to the Holy Time calendar, and sometimes to remind you of upcoming events or important updates in world news or prophecy. If you feel lead to, you can forward these newsletters to family and friends – especially if you feel it would be relevant to them! It takes less than a minute to forward an email, unless you jam your whole contact list in there. 😉

6. Writing Comments

You can write comments on various sites with Disqus

This one may take some more time and care.

If you watch a lot of YouTube videos then there’s a chance you’ll run into one that features content related to something Tsiyon has put out. Or maybe you read a prophetically significant news article lately and it reminded you of one of the seminar teachings from Remnant Exodus or another video from Tsiyon. You could write a comment about that and direct people to the Remnant Exodus or Tsiyon Tabernacle YouTube channel. Or even the specific video it relates to. 🙂

7. Word of Mouth

Last, but perhaps one of the most effective ones, is word of mouth.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes you’re out and about, you run into someone and they ask you about your shirt, or maybe the tassels on your belt or make an offhand comment about something significant in the news. Sometimes the Ruach will lead you in these situations to say something that they need to hear, or lead into a conversation they need to have. In this case, you become a witnessing tool.


That’s all for now – in the future I hope to expand on some other small ways to share Tsiyon, so make sure you keep up with the bulletin! 😀 Shalom!

1 thought on “7 Ways to Share Tsiyon”

  1. Great ways to share Emily….so glad you put this out there!
    Here is my main comment: TRUTH SEEKERS – This is a Jeremiah 3:15 ministry!

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