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Book of Bamidbar/Numbers


Have you been listening to Tsiyon Road?  Wonder where you can download the great study resources available to go along with these teachings?

Recently the weekly Torah-Teaching program, Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash, began airing teachings on the Book of Numbers (also known as Bamidbar) on Tsiyon Road radio. Listeners ask which translation of Scripture Eliyahu and his guests are using during the midrash. You can download your own copy and follow along!

All through out the Book of Numbers/Bamidbar, Eliyahu refers to charts listeners can download to follow along. These charts help to graphically display concepts within these Scripture portions themselves.

Want to print or view your own copy? No problem! Simply visit: Tsiyon.net and log in. Look on the Home Page for the “Weekly Action Points” to find a link to the current Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash program of the week.

May HE richly bless you in the study of HIS Word!

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