The Church – Bait and Switch

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Shocked by the picture? Wait till you read more!

Follow Messiah in the End Times

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It’s really crazy out there! How is anyone expected to make it through a mine-field like this in tact? There is one way: follow Messiah through the mine-field. He already knows where the land mines are and He has a plan to get you through. Step where He steps and…

Follow Messiah

You are invited to this special free event!  This is our high and holy calling – to manifest Him in this world, to the glory of Elohim, our Father. ..more

The Failed Rapture of September 23, 2017

Learn the facts about the Great Sign! ..more

Announcing Month 7

Sept 21, 2017,  in Jerusalem, Israel, witnesses observed the moon with its first visible sliver of Month 7. Month 7 begins the evening of 9/21/2017 at sunset, as the sun sets across the globe, starting in Israel.  This is also Yom Teruah/Trumpets of Leviticus 23.  Join us all month long for special events…

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