Desolate Religion

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The lesson against false religion. In fact, self-serving hypocritical religion has become so prevalent that it is now a cliché. For many, all trust in religion has gone, and God Himself is rejected by many because of it. This is an unjustified over-reaction, because the fault lies with men, not with…

Hurricane Harvey and the Hand of God

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Our Hurricane Harvey Story. Have you ever wondered why our Father’s plan always looks so impossible? We have those cases that hang directly on Him, like the Red Sea deliverance. To His enemies this looked like a chance to kill Israel like fish in a barrel, but in reality, they were…

Announcing Month 6th

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Today in Jerusalem, Israel, witnesses observed the moon with its first visible sliver of Month 6. Month 6 begins this evening at sunset, as the sun sets across the globe, starting in Israel. Tsiyon Road radio broadcasts in Holy Time. Find out more by visiting the website Holy Time calendar. Or…

A New Dark Age

  Is this a sign of something? If so, what does this mean for America? ..for the world? Isn’t it obvious? We have entered a new dark age, and it has started here, in America, and will engulf the world. More

3 BIG Questions

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Do you know the answers? Resurrection, commandments, Messiah? The 3 big questions.  …more

Come to the Marriage Feast!

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Will you accept the invitation? You are invited to come and hear His invitation tonight, at our live online Tsiyon meeting. Will you come? I hope so, because if you do, you will not be disappointed with what you see and hear. ..more

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