Starting May 3rd: Delving into Leviticus with Eliyahu ben David

Shalom Friends! If you’ve been a Messianic believer for a while then you probably know how important the Torah is to living a life set apart to YHWH. Recently, we aired Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash #070 entitled “Glory!” which is the last program in the Midrash’s Exodus series. That means that this next Sabbath,…

Announcing: Month 2

Today in Jerusalem, Israel, witnesses observed the first sliver of Month 2. Month 2 begins this evening at sunset. Tsiyon Road radio broadcasts in Holy Time. Find out more by visiting the website Holy Time calendar. Or you can download a printable version of this month’s calendar. Join us inside Tsiyon…

More fruit for the Kingdom

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Its time to produce fruit for the Kingdom! ..more

Facing Down the Vipers!

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Evil is everywhere. How do we deal with it? …more

Join us for Passover 2017!

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Join us as we stream our Tsiyon Passover tonight, via Tsiyon Radio, or via our live video stream. …More

The Saturday Sabbath Story

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Blessings in Messiah! It’s Emily here. 🙂 Passover is in just a couple of days, so everyone here at Tsiyon Headquarters is pretty busy preparing. We want to make sure we meet the requirements found in Scripture about keeping Passover. Which reminds me… Sabbath We are also told how to…

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