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The righteous can face death with confidence. More

They are enthralling stories, but do you know what they mean? …more

Shalom Friends! If you’ve been a Messianic believer for a while then you probably know how important the Torah is to living a life set apart to YHWH. Recently, we aired Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash #070 entitled “Glory!” which is the last program in the Midrash’s Exodus series. That means that this next Sabbath, starting May 3rd, we’ll begin airing […]

Today in Jerusalem, Israel, witnesses observed the first sliver of Month 2. Month 2 begins this evening at sunset. Tsiyon Road radio broadcasts in Holy Time. Find out more by visiting the website Holy Time calendar. Or you can download a printable version of this month’s calendar. Join us inside Tsiyon Tabernacle for fellowship, live-streamed meetings, […]

Its time to produce fruit for the Kingdom! ..more

Evil is everywhere. How do we deal with it? …more