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Keeping Sabbath isn’t really that complicated! ..more

Shalom Remnant people! Its Em. 🙂 Today I was setting goals for myself to share Tsiyon. For example: Sifting through YouTube and leaving relevant comments back to some of Eliyahu’s videos or tweeting something about the radio. These are a couple ways, but there are many more! I know a lot of our listeners would like […]

Shalom Tsiyon listeners! Ever wondered about the mysteries behind some words? How about THE WORD? Tsiyon Road’s On the Road to Tsiyon program will be finishing it’s study on the days of Elijah, and begin delving into some of the mysteries of God including “the concept of The Word as found in John 1:1-3.” This […]

So, are you going to dance or not? ..more

Shalom listeners, I hope everyone is having a good week so far! It’s Emily! 😀 I have something neat to show you guys. This…is a Firefox browser theme. Cool huh? Tsiyon Volunteer’s have been working on pushing out some themes for our listeners who use Firefox. Right now there are only a handful, but you […]

Shalom friends! You may of heard of the Elijah to come, but who was the first Elijah? Tune in on Tsiyon Road to find out! This week, Tsiyon Road’s On the Road to Tsiyon program will be taking a look back to the days of Elijah the Tishbite to explore who he was as the […]